The application of the camera in the recording classroom

For the development of the recording and broadcasting industry in the future, high-definition recording and broadcasting is the biggest development trend of the recording and broadcasting system.
First, classroom online learning
By accessing the educational recording and broadcasting system through mobile terminals, online courseware on demand and online broadcast can be realized. Online learning can be done at any time and anywhere, no matter where you are at home or school.
Second, unified learning content
It is impossible for a teacher to explain the course to every student, and the educational recording system simply solves this problem. The teachers' real-time training and explanation can be easily recorded, and then every student can retrieve their favorite teacher's lessons and learn them through the educational recording system.
Third, online examination
After the course explanation, can timely examination evaluation can check out the learning effect of students, increase the grasp of knowledge points. The advantage of online tests is that they are graded instantly, so that weaknesses in knowledge can be known.
Fourth, online Q&A
Online Q&A is connected with the community function, which is more convenient for communication. Students can ask questions to teachers and seek timely answers from teachers. You can also discuss questions online during the course of recording and broadcasting, so that all students can see the relevant discussion questions. Students' questions can be obtained in time during the live broadcast, and some knowledge can be explained to students online to grasp and improve the quality of teaching.