The effect of a live broadcast is far greater than you think!

Now whether it is annual meetings, activities, brand promotion, celebrations, conferences, exhibitions... It is very popular to synchronously broadcast offline activities online, so that more people can watch and participate, so as to get more exposure of enterprises and brands. 
So how big is the effect and influence of live broadcasting of an event?
The answer is: the effect and impact of a live broadcast is far greater than you think!
The cost of thousands of dollars, the effect and impact is huge!
First of all, live broadcast can be synchronized recording, post material all have.
Live broadcast can support major media simultaneous live broadcast, communication effect is first-class.
Its advantages are simply summarized as follows:
Live participation: Super warm experience to share the joy!
Remote participation: Experience and enjoy the fun!
Guest customer: Witness the strength to build trust!
Relatives and friends: Proud of emotional affiliation!